Friday, November 7, 2008

My New Baby

Finally! I got my gift from mom!! I've waited so much for you!! @_@ hahah! :)

I first wanted to have the N82, because of its features, especially the games in it.

A month before my birthday i was bugging mom to buy me one, and she agreed.
But then weeks after, she told me about the MDA vario2 which will be available at T-Mobile where my aunt works. She added that it'll take a month before I'll get it so I have to choose.As I've searched about it, its features are better and it's a pocket pc, it has a windows mobile, it has a word mobile, powerpoint mobile, excel mobile, and a clearVue PDF, and with the things in it I agreed to have one. I waited patiently, still using my old phone.
Atlast! Oct. 30 came and we met for the first time. hahah! To my surprise, mom also bought one for my brother.^^"
I already knew how to use because my aunt have one, and i borrowed it for quite some time. In the end I was annoyed by my brother with him asking how to do this and that, why mine's backlight is dimmer than him. >.<